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She knew he possessed a quality few males do. It was an instinctive thing that most of the men who had it didn’t even know was there. Yet it was the most formidable part of their arsenal: They made you feel totally comfortable when you were together with them. On the street, in bed, having lunch, having sex, having a laugh, a walk or whatever— it didn’t matter. You breathed normally with them. You didn’t feel any need to put on airs or puff out your chest or pretend to be someone you weren’t. Yes, this fellow wanted to be in your pants, but he also wanted to be in your head and hang around together sharing the day. You felt that whenever you were with him. You were certain you were exactly where he wanted to be at that moment. The things you said or did genuinely interested him.

I see it. / What ? / Eternity — It is the sun mingled with the sea.

—Arthur Rimbaud (via seabois)

(via blackshivers)

Just bought my tickets to go back home in June for a few days!!This makes for a very happy girl!Gonna see my family and my baby boy (aka my dog) and my baby nephews and my friends and I’m gonna drive my car again!And it’s gonna be sunny and warm!So,yeah…Off to bed with happy happy thoughts!